Let Us Put the Pride Back in Your Ride!

At PaintTech, we have revolutionized vehicle reconditioning. We offer a wide array of high-quality services to keep your car looking as good as they day you bought it. 

Bumper Repair

Paint Tech’s trained technicians repair unwanted scrapes scuffs dents and cracks in your bumper, keeping the value and appearance of your vehicle intact. Preserve that off the lot feel with our bumper repair services.

Paint & Body Repair

Unfortunately, accidents happen that can cause damage to your vehicle. Paint tech specializes in minor collision repair. Speak with our team today and get an affordable and reasonable estimate.

Paintless Dent Repair

Rogue grocery carts, hail, careless neighbors, and more can cause small dents in the surface of your vehicle. Our paint-less dent repair methods can have your ride looking like new again without damaging the factory paint!

Windshield Repair

No one wants to see a chip in their windshield, not only because it ruins your view, but also because it can turn into a major problem down the road. Paint Tech’s windshield repairs fix the issue and maintain the integrity of your windshield for a fraction of the cost of replacement

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are not up to snuff, you’re risking your vision and your safety. With Paint Tech’s headlight restoration services, our technicians will bring back the brightness and shine to keep your night drives safe.

Scratch Removal

“It’s just a scratch” is a phrase that you should never have to use for your car. Paint Tech offers scratch repair services, regardless of size, to help keep your vehicle shining like new.

Paint Chip Repair

Stone chips detract from the appearance of your car and can also provide footholds for rust to begin. Paint Tech’s proprietary paint chip repair process gets rid of unsightly chips and seals them to prevent further damage.

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